I am a media artist and educator creating engaging experiences that permeate the virtual and material worlds to connect with the past and imagine the possible. My work mixes sound composition, visual storytelling and interactive design to create pieces that fuse the mundane and the extraordinary, the trivial and the pivotal, the lifeless and the vital.

I began my practice in documentary production after branching out from work as a composer and sound designer to specialize in video production at the department of communications at Concordia University. It lead me to l’École d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma in Lausanne, Switzerland where I finished studies in 2008.

After graduation, I worked with non-profits initiating participative digital media projects. Parallel to this work, I completed graduate studies at Concordia’s department of Design and Computation Arts where I created a prototype for a site-specific mobile multimedia storytelling platform. The project evolved into a collaborative web and mobile documentary that maps the stories of a community expropriated from their land to make way for a national park (http://www.returningthevoices.ca).

In the off-season, I play banjo, make twisted stained glass sculptures and volunteer at a bike repair co-op in Montréal.

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