Media Education

Harnessing media tools to connect communities, catalyze dialogue and cultivate self-representation is an important part of my practice. These are a few of the projects I’ve been involved with.

A 9th grade english class is given hunks of colourful clay, a webcam and two weeks to tell a story. Several of the groups chose to translate traditional stories using the stop-animation techniques while others relayed tales about everyday life in their community. For this project, we used the Montréal-developed ToonLoop software, an elegantly simply tool for teaching stop-animation on the fly.

Watch the story of Chikabesh told by Leona Saganash, Celeste Otter and Celina Happyjack, Kerishia Jolly.

The Cree School Board developed the Chi Keyah curriculum to promote sexual health in a way that reflects the local realities.

Students in secondary 4 developed short scripts that approached issues of sexual health the way they see them. Through workshops on audio production using Audacity, they developed their ideas into short radio spots for diffusion on the local radio station and as learning material for other sex educators in the region.

The analog photography club was about using obsolete, time-intensive processes as a way to slow down and think about the images we are creating.  We experimented with photographic techniques using pinhole and 35mm film cameras and then built a darkroom to develop the  film.  The resulting projects were presented in an exhibition and mounted at the local high school and Cultural Centre.

See the slideshow of some of the photographers’ work.

Instead of beginning each class writing in their daily journals, for one month, students took the exercise online through blogging. They learned to use an online blogging tool and created their own site to share their ideas. Each student was paired with another student doing a similar project in a classroom in France. Through this online exchange they learned about another culture through the daily experiences of their sister school. 

James Lyng High School (2011)

The Podcasting Project focused on telling stories through sound.  75 Students from 4 high school english classes followed workshops on documentary script-writing, interviewing skills and audio production in order to produce short biographical audio capsules.  The resulting pieces were distributed as a weekly podcast and diffused on a community radio station.

The Miriam Foundation offers programs that foster increased socialization and community integration for children and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  During this project, we introduced stop-motion animation using ToonLoops.  Check out the blog documenting the project.

The Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has been a centre for community activities and organizing in Little Burgundy in South-West Montreal since 1927.  In my work with the centre, I ran workshops on computing, digital citizenship, blogging and photography.  I also contributed to their e-learning site and assisted in designing the website.

L’association québecoise des personnes aphasiques mandate is to develop autonomy and break down isolation for people suffering from aphasia, an acquired language disorder that impairs oral and written communication.  For several months a ran a series of workshops where participants created their own blog space to help practice written communication and create awareness about aphasia.

Le Centre de lectures et écriture does popular education with youths through arts, literature and citizenship.  I worked with the group to develop their video program and online content.